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Wedding Planning SOS Service    

Have you already chosen your caterer and wedding venue in Malta but would like to have peace of mind for the rest of the wedding planning process? Look no further!

We will pick up exactly where you have left off and assist you in booking additional vendors in Malta

This includes vendors such as your florist, photographer, videographer, entertainment services and many other vendors that are sure to meet your style and budget without the stress of having to do all the background work yourself. Save time and money by shopping wisely through our portfolio of suppliers in Malta.

This service includes:  

  • An intensive scrutiny of plans already executed by the couple to identify potential pitfalls and/or opportunities for their wedding in Malta
  • Detailed checklists
  • Coordinated visits and follow-up meetings with selected vendors in Malta
  • A detailed wedding itinerary plan
  • Coordination of all vendors prior to the day
  • Overall wedding administration and support, and answers to any client queries
  • Ceremony rehearsal and seating plans
  • Wedding coordinating services on the day of your wedding in Malta